Artificial Intelligence Is Thriving Into Business

January 30, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog,Business - Future of Technology

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the concept of development of the system with the human intelligence, enabling them to carry out the tasks, which generally requires human intelligence like speech recognition, translation, decision making, and more. It is gaining more and more popularity in the modern world. According to the survey done in 2016, the organizations in various types of industries are allocating some funds out of their income to invest in artificial intelligence.

This shows the importance of artificial in business. Many of you may think of ‘artificial intelligence’ is limited to the field of technology; however, it is not true. It is thriving in the world of business. How? Thanks to the combination of access to large volume of data and cheap computing power. Although, AI was in the phase of development even before decades, but the combination of huge volumes of data access and cheap computing power was not there in the past.

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